Thursday, December 20, 2018

2018 In Review

2018 was a productive year! Thank you to all of those who supported our efforts to serve the poor and our outreach to our brethren in Christ.

Common Faith Network (CFN) Quality Church Retreat
Guy and Jennifer participated in this year's quality church retreat, held in Gatlinburg, TN. Each year CFN sponsors this weekend where congregation and ministry leaders gather together and work on ways to improve our service to the church, develop new resources and build relationships. 

CFN is a group of congregations, ministries and individuals who work together to engage, equip and empower Christians for the works of ministry God has called them to do.

Camp Outreach
We had 65 volunteers this year who invested a week of their time rehabbing houses for the elderly, single parents and the poor. Breakfast was served to the community Monday through Friday. Neighborhood children (and the young children of the volunteers) joined together to experience a Vacation Bible school "Paul in Rome." Our volunteers, young and "old" gathered together each night for a worship service and Bible studies. 

We worked on 22 properties and made a huge difference for these home owners. The chance to work with neighborhood children and families was priceless.

CFN Feast of Tabernacles
We joined about 800 others in celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Jennifer organized the youth classes - about 200 of those registered are 18 and under, so it takes a lot of leaders stepping up to host the daily youth "experiences" for our three groups ages 4-9, 10-13 and 14-18. 

For or Small children (4-9), they followed Daniel (Dr. Dusti Howell) into captivity in Babylon, where God's faithfulness helped him and his friends navigate the perils of lions, fire, and the uncertainties of life in the palace. 

Co-led by Sharon Wilson and Deanne Howell, the program provided youngsters the chance to apprentice" with Babylonian "shopkeepers" to create crafts. They also learned scriptures and explored biblical principles in small groups with their tribe leaders.  Scheduled for every non-Sabbath day, the program featured lively music directed by Celebration Leader, Kate Ambrose. (During Sunday’s service, the children presented the songs and verses they learned through the week.) To see the kids perform, click here. Immersing children in a biblical story helps them understand the relevance of scripture to their own lives and makes learning fun. 

For the Tweens (10-13), Robin Clary helped them discover some top-secret biblical lessons, that culminated in an Escape Room experience! A sponsored bowling activity gave Tweens and their families a special opportunity for group fellowship. 

Teens (14-19) are at a critical time in their lives when they need to build lasting bonds with friends who encouraged them in their faith. Kurt and Jennifer Hoyer partnered other parents to create Teen Central. Teen Central was more than a class. It's a fast-paced learning environment with time for instruction, discussion, and sharing favorite Feast photos. It's also the place to connect with other youth for group activities such as barbecues, games, fishing, and community service. The goal is to make sure all interested teens are included in wholesome experiences that form the basis for lifetime friendships.

Winter Family Weekend - Lexington 2018
This year I will be giving three seminars. One is on "The Five Big Questions" young people must answer as they become adults. Another is a presentation on the new CFN Website. Finally, I will be leading a presentation on our new CFN project - the "Family Discipling Series." In a rapidly changing world, we see a need to help parents disciple their families. Here is the video inviting participation during the Winter Family Weekend.

Thank You
For those who have donated time, resources and helped through praying for our guidance and success, we say thank you. We appreciate your help and support as we seek to do our part in the work of the Body of Jesus Christ.