Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We are into the fall festival season. Our local group will enjoy our Sabbath study, songs and snacks at 2:30 PM on September 26th at the MTC office, 7545 Rockville Road. We celebrate the Day of Atonement on Monday, September 28th. Services will be held at the same location at 2:30 PM.

Why observe the Holy Days? Jesus, the apostles and the New Testament Church of God observed these days as reminders of God's plan of offering salvation to the entire world and bringing lasting peace to the nations. For Christians, each Holy Day has a special meaning, beginning with the Passover depicting Jesus as the Lamb of God. With the exception of Pentecost, institutional Christianity has lost the meaning of these days and the blessing we receive by observing them.

What has replaced the Holy Days that God revealed and Jesus observed? Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, days venerating saints and even Halloween have become the center of "Christian" holy day/holiday observances. In doing so, they have eclipsed some of the hope, meaning and values that Jesus wants to share with His disciples.

Jesus and the New Testament apostles used the Holy Days to give hope and direction to the disciples. You are invited to join us in celebrating that same hope!

Guy Swenson

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reaching Kids in Our Community

Our children's outreach on September 12 went remarkably well. About 30 children and parents from the community came. The sign posted at Anna's House was "Camp Outreach Is Back!" In our 2009 Camp Outreach we added "First Outreach" for the children of families who came to work and the neighborhood children.

Most of the neighborhood children don't know the basic Bible stories and values. We are investing one Sabbath afternoon a month with them. Julie Malloy from the Lord's Pantry at Anna's House has been enormously supportive. Reaching a new generation with the Good News of Jesus Christ and the hope of the Kingdom of God is important to us as a congregation.

Julie told us that kids were showing up at 9 AM asking if it was time for Camp Outreach.

Our next outreach is October 17 at 2:30 PM. Some pictures follow.

We are now entering the fall Holy Day season. Many Christians have never experienced the joy Jesus and the apostles shared on the Holy Days. These annual festivals mark major milestones in God's plan of salvation. Beginning with Jesus as our Passover we are reminded each year of our Father in Heaven's grace extended to us personally and ultimately how God will bring eternal life to all those who will submit to Him. The next Holy Day is the Feast of Trumpets on September 19th. Our congregation will be joining a sister church in Cincinnati for services.

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