Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ministry News and a New Feast of Tabernacles Site!

This Sabbath, March 19, at the Common Ground Ministry House, 331 Lynn Street, Indianapolis, there will be a breakfast and Bible Study at 8:30 AM.

Afterwards, Jennifer and I will travel to Terre Haute, where I will give the sermon at 2:30 PM at the Church of God, Terre Haute, 14th and Poplar.

We are so grateful to all of you for your love and support during the recent illness and death of Jennifer's brother, Jeff. It meant so much!

We also thought you might appreciate a little update about Common Ground Ministries and our activities, of late.

First Outreach for March was a big success, with 32 local children (plus a few of our own) participating. The children loved learning to “walk by faith” in the “A-mazing Faith” maze. Thanks to Brian Smith for teaching the lesson in Stephanie’s absence.

Creating Jobs: Activities in the neighborhood are putting us in touch with neighbors daily. Steve Durham has been hired by my company and is leading a daily work crew, making sure the men living in the Ministry House, as well as a few others, have work, training in values and work ethic. One member of his crew has just landed a full-time job, so the program is really working!

Discipling: Each Sabbath, neighbors have been gathering for a Bible Study. This week we began a regular Monday night Bible Study. Tuesdays Jennifer and I teach English as a Second Language, and at least one Tuesday night a month is a neighborhood association meeting. Thursday nights, Steve and I conduct a Bible-based recovery group for neighbors. These studies all emphasize basic truths that are really making a difference for those who are attending.

Camp Outreach: We’re also beginning to plan for Camp Outreach 2011. The First Outreach program this year will give the children a taste of what life was like during the time of Christ. We’re using a Vacation Bible School program called “Hometown Nazareth.” Working with the neighborhood children was a huge success last year.

New Feast Site: On another note, we’re excited to announce the Common Faith Network Feast of Tabernacles in Sandestin, Florida. Plans are for a doctrinally unified, family friendly, fellowship oriented, and spiritually rejuvenating festival environment for the Church of God. Learn more about it at the website:

Common Faith Network is just that - a network of ministries, churches and individual Christians who share our common Christian faith and want to work together where pooling our efforts and resources makes good sense.

Our love to you all,

Guy and Jennifer Swenson