Monday, January 18, 2010

Kid's Camp, Our Next Sabbath and Did You See the Booklet?

What a great day! We had 28 neighborhood kids plus 24 helpers and their kids for a total of 52 at our Kids Camp on Sabbath. Noah was the topic this time - a "super" hero of the Bible. You'll see kids having a good time in the pictures below.

This children's ministry focuses on helping young children to learn the basics about the Bible and to introduce them to God and Jesus Christ. We tell stories about the key people and events while relating values and life lessons.

Many of these kids are like little sponges. For some, it is the only place they learn about what it means to be a Christian.

Church Services:
Sabbath, January 23rd, we will be meeting at our normal location, the MTC office at 7545 Rockville Road - at 2:30 PM.

Did you notice the booklet link on the front page? "If God So Loved the World ... Why Are So Many People Going to Hell? It challenges some traditions and shares the story of the real hope that comes from understanding clear Bible teachings about God's plan of salvation.

Several congregations are pitching in together to order a bunch to be printed on February 1st. Read the download and if your congregation is interested in getting bulk copies for discipling or evangelism, email me or Jim O'Brien ( before then. The donation needed is $2.00 per booklet - if we get a big order and the costs per booklet are lower, your congregation will get more more copies for the donation made.

Have a great week!


Guy Swenson

Pictures from Kid's Camp:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Local Kids - and Haiti

This is a good news/bad news message. The good news is that we have our monthly "Kid's Camp" for neighborhood kids at Ana's House this Sabbath. We're starting a "Super Hero's of the Bible" series. Noah is the first one. 25-39 kids come each time - it is a lot of fun. Jennifer and I helped serve dinner in "the neighborhood" this week. Both of us were encouraging the kids eating dinner to come. Most didn't need any encouragement. One little fellow kept giving me "high fives" - he was so excited about "Kid's Camp."

Now the bad news: Haiti. One family that helps us with Kid's Camp each month went to Haiti last year on a mission. One of the ladies on that mission (Karen Lydick) went back and is in Haiti now.

Let me copy a letter they passed on to us from the mission agency. It is touching and if you are looking for a place to send some financial help, this could be a good spot.
January 13, 2010

Dear Friends,

Gretchen sent us an update from Haiti early this morning:

Hi Everyone,

We did not get any sleep last night. We had a second quake that occurred about midnight and then tremors every 10 minutes all night long. Most of the women are afraid to sleep in the building so they brought mattresses and couches out and slept on the ground.

The grounds are packed with Haitian people and Pastor Rabrun came and got me about 1 a.m. because of a woman having a baby and I don't know anything about birthing babies so they sent for someone to help deliver her but then a man and woman came to me and said their little boy's arm was cut off in their home when the wall collapsed. He is 18 months old and all he had of a right arm was a stub above the elbow. I had to dress it and use duct tape for a pressure bandage as that is all we have and then I gave him some sleeping medicine I don't know how he is this morning. I hope he didn't die like the other one whose body is wrapped in a shroud and is laying in the hut! That precious little boy had his leg slit wide open and lost too much blood before he got here. The mother is here on the grounds somewhere.

We don't have supplies to treat all the people here...they are coming here in large numbers with broken limbs and severe wounds. The Grand Goave Hospital collapsed too.

If the U.N. or someone can drop us some supplies we can begin working in clinic but since we are not typically a critical or urgent care center we don't do much trauma work and have little supplies. So please see what you can do to get us some things.

We are going to try to get the school kitchen cleaned up and begin feeding the people of the community but many of our Haitian staff spent the night here last night due to damage of their homes and fear of them collapsing. Most of the school classrooms are gone! One truss has come down in the church. We have about 1 container full of KAH food here and 2 in customs. So we have to try to begin feeding people.

Peggy Wilson was able to walk out to the yard to sleep on a mattress because she didn't want to stay in the dining hall due to tremors. So she apparently is a bit better. But still needs care that we can't get for her since the roads are impassable.

A pipe broke in my bathroom here and it broke off right at the wall so we have no water in our mission house. And the water coming out of the pipes in the dorm is infiltrated and coming our brown so I don't know how long it will be before Bobby can track that down and get it fixed.

Erma, Christi, Karen Lydick and I slept in the 2004 red Ford cab last night because again, our house shakes really bad and many things broke in the quakes. We still have electric but as I said, no water right now.

We still don't have cell service so we can't do much to find out how the kids are at our orphanage and I can't contact Firmin to see if it's possible to send containers in and bypass the usual customs clearance process like we did in the fall of 2008. I'll let you know if we get news on this.

More later! And keep us in your prayers. (End of the letter)

Please continue to keep the Haitians, women's team, staff and situation in your prayers. Specifically, keep the Children's Home in your prayers. The Home, which cares for 90 children and adults, is located in Port au Prince and we have not been able to contact them.

We are continuing to assess the situation in Haiti and will keep you updated on how you can help. Please visit Lifeline's website - - for updates and pictures from Gretchen.

Thank you and God bless,

Bob DeVoe
Lifeline Christian Mission

Friday, January 8, 2010

Traveling Sabbath

This Sabbath will be a traveling week for our congregation. Jennifer and I will be visiting with congregations in Brownsburg and Cincinnati. No local services will be held on January 9th.

Next Sabbath, January 16th, we will be conducting our children's ministry "Kid's Camp" at the Lord's Pantry at Ana's House. From 2:30 - 5:00 PM we will be sharing a story on a Bible "hero," crafts and a snack. This is the first chance some of these kids get to hear about God, Jesus and the good news in the Bible.


Guy Swenson