Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mission to Children in Indianapolis

We've returned from our annual church festival celebrating the prospect of the return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and the time pictured in Ezekiel 37 of all people who never knew of Jesus being resurrected and given the opportunity to become a servant of God.

This Sabbath, October 17th, our local congregation will have its meeting at the Lord's Pantry at Anna's House in Indianapolis. We will be working with neighborhood children with our "First Outreach" program. We really enjoy spending time with these fine young people.

We've also been in touch with Lemuel Vega, who has a remarkable prison ministry. Through a pastoral friend with the Seventh Day Adventists, I was invited to work with Lemuel at the Plainfield, IN correctional facility this summer. We preached to about 1,000 offendors over a period of three days. Remembering prisoners and helping them to find the way to become free in Christ is something that Jesus preached. Lemuel has a need for financial support and participation in his meetings with prisoners. Contact me if you have an interest in Lemuel's ministry.

For more information, contact me at 317-707-5026 or

Guy Swenson

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