Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turning a Blessing Into Thanksgiving

Most who read this know that our little congregation helps out in an inner city neighborhood. One of the men we work with lives in a home he inherited from his father. He has been marginally employed for years and his house has slowly fallen into disrepair. He has volunteered his trade skills in helping others in the neighborhood, so when we heard that his toilet bowl was broken, and had been for a long time, we bought one and gave it to him.

It cost about $60. Then for a couple of days my friend didn't show up for work projects. It was like he disappeared.

What he was doing was fixing the bathroom, cleaning up his house and for the first time in years, my friend hosted Thanksgiving at his house for his sister and family. They brought the food - he provided the place.

Having a pretty much busted toilet was something he could tolerate, but he was ashamed to have his family over.

Ever notice how one little thing after another can add up and can become overwhelming? Sometimes receiving a little blessing ignites hope - and a little hope shines brightly in a darkened world.

In this case, a little blessing turned into Thanksgiving.

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