Monday, December 21, 2009

Connecting Kids to Christ

One of my biggest joys each month is doing our kid's camp in "the neighborhood." We work in a poor neighborhood nicknamed "Stringtown" near downtown Indianapolis that our congregation adopted this past summer our congregation during our annual "Camp Outreach."

This past Sabbath we had 42 people - 29 kids and 13 adults - experience the Biblical account of the last two days of creation in story, crafts and activities. For many, our kid's camp is their first encounter with God, Jesus and the Bible. For others, their parents appreciate the chance to reinforce sound teaching with their children in a loving environment.

One mother whose kids attended our "First Outreach" during the summer just heard about our monthly kid's camp. She loved the experience then and not only did she bring her 5 year old daughter, she brought her 2 year old son and she stayed for the whole time.

Next month we begin a new series on "Super" Heroes of the Bible. We are learning how to connect with these children and families. It has become an enriching experience for all of us.

Guy Swenson

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